Food For Chinchilla & Degu 500gr

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Versele Laga Complete Chinchilla & Degu is worry-free nutrition. Exceptionally tasty all-in-one pellets prevent selective feeding behavior. That way, your chinchilla or degu gets all the essential nutrients and stays perfectly healthy. Food without added sugar keeps animals in optimal condition. Flaxseed as a source of omega-3s for a healthy coat, and long fibers for optimal digestion, are specifically tailored to the nutritional needs of chinchillas and degus. Versele Laga Complete Chinchilla & Degu is developed by veterinarians, based on advanced scientific knowledge.

-All in one: prevents selective eating behavior.
-No added sugars.
-With flaxseed (omega 3) ideal for a healthy coat.
-Long fibers, timothy hay and alfalfa for good teeth.