Food for Hamster and Gerbil Garden Select Oxbow 680 grs

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Complete, balanced and packed with fresh garden flavor and aroma. Garden Select Hamster & Gerbil contains all the complete nutrition you expect from Oxbow, with a flavor profile hand-selected from Mother Nature's kitchen. Select garden ingredients, such as whole yellow pea, tomato, rosemary, and thyme, give this hamster and gerbil food its delicious, garden-fresh flavor. All Garden Select varieties are Project Non-GMO certified.


-Oxbow EVERYBite foods offer complete nutrition in every serving.
-The first 2 ingredients are high energy whole grains for an active life.
-Contains balanced sources of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
-Prebiotics to help maintain whole body health.
-No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, only genuine and purposeful ingredients.
-Contains 100% of the daily vitamins and minerals recommended for your dog.